Thursday, June 04, 2009

TV Nation

I watch television.

You can tell me it is evil and the source of much dumbing down, but I don't care. I'm still going to watch it. And I won't put on a big show of claiming how little I watch of it when it comes up in conversation. I don't care if all the cool people trip over themselves in their declarations of who watches the least amount, or how long it has been since they last tuned in. And I won't claim to only watch IFC, documentaries, and The Daily Show. I do watch those things, but not exclusively. I'm tired of being shamed for my boob tubing. I'm going to revel in it instead. I don't care who knows it--I like to get right down in the trenches with such educational programming as The Price is Right, LOST, and Coronation Street. And I've been known to sit through hours of cake-baking challenges on the Food Network.

Okay, I draw the line when it comes to most reality tv. Even I would have trouble justifying those Bachelor shows or American Idol, but I do like Hell's Kitchen and I've wasted quite a bit of time on America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. I've accepted it. I have a tv. A big, flat screen tv. And I actually watch it. The rest of you can go back to whatever it is you do with your downtime--quantum physics, juggling, talking--I'll stick with the comforting drone and glow of the magic picture box.


dead mans son said...

Interesting blog, cute offspring, Do you ever wonder if your children will have the same twisted sense of humor/reality you do? My 5 yo son has mine and loves the fact that we are both weird. Not saying you are in the same category, but I did find this by clicking on Blue Velvet, so one can only assume.....
My favorite movie line " We got a phone, it has a little ring" -Sherriff Steele

amanda said...

Hey. I think there's hope for my son--he did giggle quite a bit when his dad pretended to beat me up the other day. So he'll either be slightly warped or a wife beater, I'm hoping for the first option. The ring line is a standout, right up there with Detective Williams from BV: "That's a human ear alright".